Claudio Benatti

Technical Director at Jolly Ski

Profile picture of Claudio Benatti, Technical Director of Jolly Ski

Claudio was first exposed to the beautiful sport of water skiing in 1991. This happened in Marco Degasperi's famous ski school in Caldonazzo (TN).
He open his first ski school in 1993 in San Polo (BS). Immediately, his passion for water skiing brought him around the world with the main goal of learning as much as possible, an attitude he hasn't changed in the last 25 years.
Over the years, Claudio has had the privilege of coaching a lot of young athletes. He considers it a privilege as he claims to have learned the most from them.
Claudio has learned from some of the most-renown coaches in Italy, including Marco Degasperi, Ricky Casilli, Andrea Alessi, Maurizio Grillo, and finally José Castelli, from whom Claudio claims to have learned many important concepts for his job.
Claudio continues to learn from the many athletes he coached and coaches, some of whom obtained podium placements on the World, European, and National stage, from youth to Senior, obtaining prestigious ranking spots in amateur and professional rankings.