Matteo Luzzeri

Coach at Jolly Ski

Profile picture of Matteo Luzzeri, Staff member at Jolly Ski

Born and raised as a Jolly Ski athlete, Matteo started skiing at age 7 on the very first site of the club in San Polo. In his first year as a Junior National Team member, he won the Under 14 European Championship in slalom in Vilvoorde, Belgium. His second European title came in the Under 21 category, on the young waters of San Gervasio. While slalom skiing has always been his passion and the event that he pursued with most rigor, he was an overall skier until the age of 23. Through this dedication to overall skiing, he won the Italian Championships, a Bronze medal at the 2009 Under 21 Europeans, and a National Collegiate Championship with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2010. In 2011 he specialized in slalom, obtaining since then numerous final spots at Pro Tour stops, two podiums in 2014, and one in 2022. Currently, his personal best is 3 buoys at 10.25m
Matteo lived in the United States from 2007 to early 2020. He has a Doctoral Degree in Sport Psychology from Florida State University. His research line involves meaning attribution to sport, and how it can affect important psychological characteristics, such as athletic identity, burnout, stress, and the appreciation of competitive athletics.

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