Our club is synonym for success

11 times Italian Club Champion, Jolly Ski has a prestigious list of achievements, including 5 World Gold medals and 27 European ones. These have all been generated through a strong and fruitful collaboration between our athletes and coaches over the years.

In 2016, our club won the "Sport Oscar" in the Province of Brescia as best athletic club.

Competitive athletes:

Jolly Ski is a world-renowned facility for water ski training at the highest level. Thanks to the expert guidance of Claudio Benatti, our Technical Director, any skier with competitive ambitions will find in San Gervasio all the necessary knowledge and tips to improve technique and, consequently, performance.


Competitive skiing is only but one aspect at Jolly Ski. Here in San Gervasio we strive to help anyone who seeks that first experience of skiing on water, as well as those who have skid before and are planning to improve. Regardless of skiing ability, our coaches will help you step by step, both on and off the water. The constant presence of competitive athletes is also a great opportunity to ask for tips and share experiences. We have all that you need for your first lessons. Just make sure to bring a bathing suit, a towel, and lots of will to learn!

Special needs:

Our club has the appropriate infrastructure to host skier with disabilities, who can approach this beautiful sport in full safety and harmony.

Foreign skiers:

We offer skiing lessons in Italian, English, French, Greek, and Russian.
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